March 9, 2021

Episode Seventy-Two - Casey Cavaliere of True Level Studio & The Wonder Years

Episode Seventy-Two - Casey Cavaliere of True Level Studio & The Wonder Years
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On today's episode of Fly On The Call I am speaking to Casey Cavaliere, producer at True Level Studio and guitarist of The Wonder Years! Over the last year a main focus of his work at True Level Studio has been adapted for the virtual world through one-on-one artist development sessions covering songwriting, the business side of music, and more. We talk about how this back to the basics approach has helped both the artist he works with and Casey himself, his guiding principles for songwriting and production, and wrap things up with some Wonder Years related discussion.

This is the first episode of the new Fly On The Call schedule where I will be alternating between weeks with two episodes, released on Tuesday and Thursday, and weeks with one episode on Wednesday. So be sure to check back on Thursday for another candid conversation on music and stay tuned for even more episodes with amazingly talented people!

Casey Cavaliere: Website | Instagram | True Level Studio: Website | Instagram

The Wonder Years: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp

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