April 5, 2021

Bryan Kuznitz & Blake Saul of Fame on Fire

Bryan Kuznitz & Blake Saul of Fame on Fire

This week we get rowdy with Bryan Kuznitz & Blake Saul from the wildly popular band, Fame on Fire. We start things out with a few drinks and quickly dive into the history of their musical careers. Bryan & Blake guide us through the journey of how a simple drum cover video ignited the spark that set their band on fire.

Blake breaks down the band's writing process, and how they're able to learn structure from pop greats such as Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, and more. We find out what led to the band being signed by Hopeless Records, and what the future looks like past their latest release, Levels.

Bryan unleashes his inner-deathbat and reveals an A7X inspired tattoo on his (CENSORED). Plus we find out why Blake is growing his hair out, how we're weirdly connected through Iron Maiden, how the guys landed a feature track with Wiz Khalifa, and why in the world Bryan mixes vodka with saké.

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