Jan. 12, 2022

Delirious Nomads: Industry Legend Matt Pinfield

Delirious Nomads: Industry Legend Matt Pinfield

We talk with industry legend Matt Pinfield!

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We're baaaaack! It was a huge honor to have the one and only Matt Pinfield on the podcast. The dude is a living legend who was involved in so many amazing things over the years from spinning records to having a show on MTV and having a Killers song about him. He's a one of a kind character and it was a blast to talk with him! This is gonna be one the music nerds loooooove.

See what Matt Pinfield is up to on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/matthewpinfield/?hl=en

Check out our label, Blacklight Media here:https://www.instagram.com/blacklightmediaofficial/

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