Exclusive Footage | Adam Scherr And EC3 | Blizzard Brawl Fan Fest 2021

The Titan #AdamScherr And #EC3 Donate $10K To Waukesha Parade Victims. 100% Of The Duo's Blizzard Brawl Meet & Greet / Autograph Session Money Given To Victims Of Wisconsin Tragedy.

Pro wrestlers 'The Titan' Adam Scherr and EC3 raised and donated more than $10 thousand to the victims of the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy and their families. The pair gave all of the money earned during meet and greets and autograph signings at Great Lakes Championship Wrestling's Blizzard Brawl 2021 on December 4th at the Waukesha County Expo Center.

Scherr, whose family is originally from Wisconsin where he now owns a home, and EC3 spent nearly 3 hours meeting fans at the sold-out Wisconsin independent wrestling show not far from the site of the parade tragedy that left six dead and injured dozens more.

“Wisconsin is home. This tragedy affected so many, myself included, that this was the least we could do. The outpouring of support from the fans in attendance matched the enthusiasm of their energy during the show. It was great for me personally for us to all come together and pay our respects to the victims and have fun as a community.” -Adam Scherr

“It was a great honor of my career and life to be a part of this. The people affected most by this tragic event hopefully know that they have the support, prayers, and love of more than just those local, but those of us world wide.” –EC3

The former WWE superstars then wrestled in the main event, tagging together against Impact Wrestling's Jake Something and Rohit Raju. Scherr and EC3 thrilled the 2,100+ attendees with a powerful performance, winning with a running powerslam from Scherr and sending the fans home happy.

EC3 and Scherr immediately donated all of their proceeds to the United for Waukesha Community Fund which has raised well over $3 million for the parade victims and their families.

EC3 created #ControlYourNarrative, a movement and mindset that speaks on the importance of individuals to feel free to “tell their stories” in their search for self fulfillment and purpose. #ControlYourNarrative uses the forum of cinematically shot professional wrestling, with storytelling and character development based on the reality of those performing.

‘The Titan' Adam Scherr made his first live wrestling appearance in nearly two years at Blizzard Brawl 2021. Adam is a former WWE Universal Champion and one of wrestling’s most noticeable performers. Adam is currently working with ec3 to bring #ControlYourNarrative to a mainstream audience, while heavily involved in the Diskuss Therapy app ( https://diskussit.com), launching a nutritional line, and exploring TV/Film opportunities.

Footage courtesy of Red Stop Productions/Super Pro Entertainment

Red Stop Productions

Super Pro Entertainment

Video by Clinton Cunanan, Jacob Sailing, and Tyler Hoops

Edit by Clinton Cunanan

Music by Another Lost Year



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