Chris DeMakes A Podcast

The podcast of my dreams

My entire life I’ve loved ska and punk music. For over 20 years it’s the only music that I’ve truly loved and felt a connection to. And Less Than Jake is easily among my favorite bands of all times. One of their two frontmen, Chris DeMakes, is enormously talented and absolutely hilarious as a performer and is someone I’ve looked up to my entire adult life.

Chris hosting a podcast is everything I could have ever asked for. Being into the music I’m into, you aren’t going to find a lot of in depth interviews with the artists in this scene, especially not ones done professionally and with care and passion. Chris DeMakes is giving a voice to the legends of ska and punk music with his podcast, asking all the right questions to and having some absolutely wonderful conversations with people I’d otherwise only get to read a brief interview with.

Here we get to listen as Chris and his guest break down one song from the artist’s catalog and dive deep into its writing, production, impact, and legacy. And the conversations often veer far away from that one song and talk about life as a musician in general, leading to some astounding insight into the world of a recording artist, a touring artist, and just a human being looking to leave their mark.

On stage, Chris’s persona is that of a crass goofball who makes lewd jokes and messes with fans, staff, and his own bandmates for a laugh. I’ve always loved watching Chris do his thing between songs because there’s clearly a brilliant mind there. As a podcast host, you get to see the man off stage - he’s a compassionate, caring, and truly kind man who loves music, the songwriting process, and is genuinely interested and curious about what his guests have to say. He’s an incredible host who gets some really great conversations out of his guests.

Chris plans on branching out past ska and punk eventually, and bringing people from other parts of the music world to diversify the show and its audience. Even not listening to much else outside this world, I’m confident Chris will be able to make any artist’s journey a riveting listen. I cannot wait to see what the future for this show holds, and I’m excited to be here for the journey from day one.

Aug. 12, 2020 by mgspada on Apple Podcasts

Chris DeMakes A Podcast