Chris DeMakes A Podcast

My new favorite podcast

I didnt know Chris had a podcast until listening to Mike from MxPx’s Podcast which I listen to here and there. I decided to check it out and ive never made a better decision. This is now not only by far my favorite podcast but its become one of my favorite entertainment sources period.

As a music nerd and huge fan of the genre this is everything I love rolled into one awesome package. All the info about the song writing process, behind the scenes stories, and pulling back the curtain are amazing. I love seeing the process different bands use to write and it dispels the myth that songs are written in one smooth process and that stuff can be patched together in pieces over sometimes years etc. Its something ive always wondered when trying to write songs myself and thinking I was doing it weird.

Ive had a ton of organizing and paperwork to do at my job and killed half the episodes while doing it all. Im dreading catching up and running out of new ones to listen too.

Keep up the great work this is 10/10

March 13, 2021 by xxclandestinexx on Apple Podcasts

Chris DeMakes A Podcast