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The coolest podcast!!!

Chris and Chris do an amazing job with this. It is so cool to hear how the songs are put together, and each unique story about them. And if you’re not an Afterparty member, you’re out of your mind!

Amazing podcast

It’s amazing to hear Chris interview these artists. He asks amazing questions that get the artist to open up. It’s really cool hearing the artist inspiration behind writing a song and Chris does a great job bringing it out.


Always a great voice. Any haters are just too engrossed in their own self aggrandizement.

Don’t miss an episode

This show does such a great job honing in on classic songs that you may be tempted to just listen to songs you’re familiar with but I promise you that the songs you don’t know sometimes hit even better than the ones you do know.

Don’t be a cherry picker!

Every episode is wildly listenable and will turn you on to songs/artists you never previously gave the time of day.

Incredible podcast

Check out the Bill Stevenson interview, episode 4. This very quickly became an essential podcast!

Great show

Super fun listen while working. Please do RADON!

Absolute Best Music Podcast

Hands down the best music related podcast out there. Digs into the minutia of exactly how the song was conceived, modified, recorded, and produced. Obviously the episodes dealing with songs you live are great, but it’s also introduced me to a bunch of new music I hadn’t heard before. Highly recommend!

Johnny socko please!

Please please please

So so so good

I just got into this podcast and I have not been disappointed. Even though I’m not musically talented and I get lost when Chris talks technical about music, but the guests and explanation is so great that I don’t mind being lost every so often. Can’t wait for more.

Great show

Chris (&Chris) make a great show with diverse artists. Chris breaks down the songs in an interesting and entertaining way. Must listen!

Please another Roger episode!

Great show, look forward to it every week

Twelve thumbs up!

If you’ve ever written a song or played in a band this podcast is mandatory listening. There’s always something interesting in every episode. The Bill Stevenson episode transcends the podcast form and is a must listen for everyone.

Love this show!!!

I first heard the Butch Walker episode and immediately realized it was Chris from LTJ. I started cherry picking episodes from artist that I was more into but after 6 episodes I wanted to hear them all. I appreciate the emphasis on songwriting and production. Keep up the good work!

Love it

Chris is a great interviewer. I like the way he breaks down songs. And the “band you might not know” segment is great for giving upcoming bands some quick exposure. Keep it up guys.


Chris takes time to really break down and understand the art of song writing with some amazing guests. Absolutely would recommend

Great show

I listen to every episode

Great Insight

Chris D. brings the people behind some of your favorite songs on to explain how they came about. You’ll get to met the people behind the music, the lyrics, and even the production of the songs you’ve been singing for years. What was the inspiration behind the song? Where in their lives were they when they wrote it? How did it change their career? You’ll learn that sometimes the story behind the song is sometimes more interesting than the final product. Do yourself a favor and give this podcast a chance—you won’t regret it. As an added bonus, this podcast has honestly made me a better songwriter.

Amazing show

Every episode I have listened to has given me a new appreciation of the song, artist, and Chris. I can’t think of anything that would make this show better. I am so happy this exists.


Chris is an excellent host and I love his attention to detail when discussing songs. I came for the pop punk episodes and never would have heard someone like Verite otherwise (her song is gorgeous!). This is one of my new favorite pods.

It’s 100% doctor not dentist!

It did go fast though, so you are forgiven.

Black Eyed Susan Kenny!

Hey Chris it’s Kenny! Daytona Beach black eyed Susan Kenny I’ve been seeing y’all play since the early early days and I’ve seen y’all all over the country hope you remember me man! Anyway excellent podcast I love all of them- keep em coming!

Quite possibly the best music podcast out there!

Thanks for all you do Chris and Chris! The format is incredible and each episode is better than the one before!

Punk Rock Nerd's Paradise

I always love hearing the process behind how my favorite songs/movies/TV shows come to fruition and to have it orchestrated by one of my favorite musicians is such an added bonus. Chris has such a knowledge of punk roots and rock music where he knows how to explain the song without being overly technical. Also gives me a new appreciation for the songs featured. Keep up the great work.

Songwriters candy

This podcast rules. So many great guests. Anyone with interest in song writing and studio/producer magic will love this.

Stellar songs, stellar podcast

I just started listening maybe a week ago and I absolutely LOVE this pod. Chris


This podcast is top-notch! Chris does his homework when preparing for a guest. You can tell that he knows the song inside and out. Most of the time he knows the interviewee from back in the day so the conversations seem natural which makes it all the better. I like that they do the wrap section with Chris Fafalios. Chris F sounds like the character Andrew Glouberman from the show Bigmouth so that’s entertaining in itself. Keep up the good work Chris and Chris!!!!

Love Everything About This Podcast

I’ve been a huge fan of Less Than Jake since their early years, but this podcast has given me a whole new appreciation for Chris Demakes. The premise of the show is so interesting, and hearing the story behind each song brings new life to the song. Chris does an amazing job at being host, doing a deep dive into each song, and having great dialogue with each artist. At times, I even forget that he’s the lead singer of one of my favorite bands. I keep coming back to this one. I enjoyed so much that I started backtracking to the ones I’ve missed! Thanks for putting together such a great podcast!

The Best Song Writers Podcast

This podcast is the best all around Song Writers Podcast. It has single handedly changed the way I listen, thought of and write music. It also helped me understand that a lot of the hurdles I experience when writing songs are the exact same as some of the greatest bands of all time. Ontop of all that, I get to listen to conversations between rock n roll hero’s of mine every week. And if that’s not enough, Chris is a stand up guy that also gives unknown bands a shot to be heard with their Bands You Might Not Know Section + monthly charities that they promote. There’s a lot of podcasts out there but this is one you should definitely subscribe too and check out

Fantastic listen

A lot of musicians love this podcast because it breaks down the song writing and production process. I am not a musician in any shape or form. I don’t know how to play any instruments and the podcast is still accessible to me, so whether your a professional musician or just a listener you will enjoy this podcast and learn a lot.

Hey hey have you heard

This podcast is the go to music podcast! It’s a great topic. I love hearing everyone’s stories about the song they pick and all the other fun stuff thrown in. This has been on my top 3 things I look forward to every week since covid! Chris and chris you are rad!!! Thanks!!! I’m so glad I found you!!!

What an Awesome Podcast!

As a songwriter who is into punk rock and rock in general, this podcast is awesome! I’m super psyched to hear episodes with some of my favorite songwriters (Matt Skiba, Mike Herrera, Rick Neilson), but I’m equally excited about hearing from ones I don’t know much about (Bill Stevenson, Laura Jane Grace). Chris DeMakes goes deep with every guest. Check this podcast out. You won’t be disappointed!

Best music podcast

This is my favorite music podcast. I love how Chris breaks down every song and gets such a good dynamic with each guest.

The best

I love this podcast so much. Even if it’s a song or artist I’m not really all that into or familiar with, I end up with a great appreciation for the song. It’s such a pleasant podcast to listen to and every moment of it is enjoyable.

My new favorite podcast

I didnt know Chris had a podcast until listening to Mike from MxPx’s Podcast which I listen to here and there. I decided to check it out and ive never made a better decision. This is now not only by far my favorite podcast but its become one of my favorite entertainment sources period. As a music nerd and huge fan of the genre this is everything I love rolled into one awesome package. All the info about the song writing process, behind the scenes stories, and pulling back the curtain are amazing. I love seeing the process different bands use to write and it dispels the myth that songs are written in one smooth process and that stuff can be patched together in pieces over sometimes years etc. Its something ive always wondered when trying to write songs myself and thinking I was doing it weird. Ive had a ton of organizing and paperwork to do at my job and killed half the episodes while doing it all. Im dreading catching up and running out of new ones to listen too. Keep up the great work this is 10/10

Mark McGrath podcast was surprisingly awesome

Great podcast and this was one of my favorite episodes. Got a lot of newfound respect for Mark McGrath. Nice to see the self-awareness, and respect. Also, a rock n roll jeopardy episode w Matt Pinfield really would be great!

Great podcast

I really enjoy listening to how the discussion goes into the history of the song and breaking the song down verse by verse.

Listen NOW!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chris for a long time and when I heard he was going to do a podcast, I immediately though it was a brilliant idea and wondered what took so long! The conversations he has with his guests are engaging and the episodes seem to just fly by. Even if you aren’t familiar with the artist or the song, you will still enjoy the episode! This podcast deserves more than 5 stars!!


I am so grateful to have found this podcast. Engaging interviews and great song breakdowns. As a long time fan of many who are interviewed here and also a songwriter myself, this is a gold mine. Thanks much, Chris + Chris! Keep it rolling.

Check it ahhht.

Yinz are cool.

Great interviews

Great find, I like the interview style and the research that goes into each episode.

It’s a great podcast

This is a great podcast. Tons of great interviews of people in various parts of the music business, mainly musicians. You hear a lot about the change in business modes over the past 40 years. The interviews are a great road map to help you discover a music making process that works for you. They also do a “band you might not know” segment of the show to help broaden horizons, and expose new current bands. That being said you also discover a lot of new to you bands when each artist talks about there influences.

Dentist Vs. Doctor

It sounds like doctor to me on both tracks, but my very attractive, younger, hot, girlfriend with better hearing agrees with “dentist” in the video.

Most insightful podcast

This podcast will help you learn things about music that you’ve always wanted to. It will also correct you on all the words you’ve been mispronouncing all these years. Chris is an amazing host and does a great job with the guests. Can’t wait for more!

Demakes a good podcast

Chris is a great host. This podcast is well edited, and the guest selection is pretty diverse. I really dig the focus on songwriting and attention to the craft.

I love Mondays

Mondays are great for me. I’m usually off work, and I also get a new episode of Chris DeMakes A Podcast. Learned so many cool tidbits about songs I love. Walking Wounded’s key change is inspired by R.E.M’s Stand? Crazy and really neat to learn stuff like that. Highly recommend.

Episode after Episode is fantastic

Absolutely loving listening to the songwriters I’ve loved my entire life tell the stories of their craft. Personal favorites are Matt Skiba, Bill Stevenson, and the Johnny Quest special episode. So many of us know the story of the bands but not the backdrop for individual songs and how they help elucidate the overall story. Chris Demakes is pretty darn good interviewer as well! Ask a question and let em talk! Now get Fat Mike and talk The Decline!

Excellent podcast

This podcast has helped me find new music and inspired me to start writing songs again!

Incredibly Interesting

It’s awesome to hear insight into how bands wrote their biggest songs. Chris does a great job of asking questions that get the artists rolling on stories from that time period that lend true authenticity to who they were as people when they wrote “My Own Worst Enemy” or “Hands Down” and so on.


These reviews help me relive my teenage years through a different lens. I love it . 3/5 stars don’t change a thing.

Awesome Podcast!

Really great Podcast with great guests. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Chris DeMakes this podcast amazing!

Chris and Chris make an amazing team that puts out amazing episodes week after week. I have learned so much about song writing as well as some bands and songs I was not familiar with too. A must subscribe!

Best podcast!!

This is the best podcast. Please do one with Joey cape

Dope, man.

This is an entertaining and insightful, weekly podcast! Even the episodes featuring a song you may not be familiar with or even enjoy are entertaining thanks to the host and his engagement with the artists. Well worth a subscription!

This podcast has revolutionized how I listen to music

I have been a fan of Chris DeMakes and company in the band Less Than Jake since the late 90s. Literally the soundtrack of my life. As much as I love music, understanding the songwriting process has always been foreign to me. Chris Faflios runs the show with him and it is an absolute pleasure to listen to. The choice of guests has shed light into a music scene that I've been in and around for 20+ years in ways that I did not think were possible. THANK YOU FOR THIS PODCAST!

Love this pod!

Chris Demakes is awesome! I love hearing the stories behind my favorite songs. Being a songwriter myself, it helps to know what other musicians process is. Would recommend! Also Chris came on my show That One Time On Tour and we had a blast!

My favorite music podcast

I really enjoy the way Chris interviews, even when he has on members from bands I don’t listen to I always find the interview to be really interesting

Deep Dives into Great Songs

Chris DeMakes interviews a different songwriter each week, taking a close look at the writing of one particular song with the songwriter. The conversations are fun and insightful and if you’ve followed the world of punk rock for the past 25 years there are going to be plenty of songs you’ll already know here. Plus some great ones you’ll get to hear for the first time.

Great podcast, especially for songwriters!

This is not a run of the mill interview question and answer style podcast. This gets into the nitty gritty of songwriting and sheds light on how a ton of huge songs were conceived, written and recorded. Chris does a great job keeping things from getting stale. I always am bummed every time an episode is ending because I just want he and the guest to keep on going.

Awesome content!

I love listening to this podcast! As a songwriter myself I’ve found it very interesting and informative. I’m not quite caught up yet but I hope to get up to the current episodes in the coming weeks. For now I’m just enjoying the ride that is Chris and Chris delving into how these great songs are written and arranged! Also very cool that they have given local bands a chance to be included with the ‘Band you might not know’ segment! Keep up the brilliant work guys!

Best pod for music fans

Love every one of these

Learning, laughing, loving!

I absolutely love this podcast! I look forward to it every Monday to get my week going. It’s so interesting to hear the many different approaches that artists use to write their songs, to learn about what parts their producers played, and to hear them reminisce on what times were like when the song came out. Great job by Chris and Chris on guest selection, questions asked and a great dynamic on the post wrap up section of the show. Thanks for doing this guys!!


I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. It’s simply a joy to listen to!!!

Awesome podcast

I don’t like podcasts, I would rather listen to music, however this one is amazing! Great interviews with great people. Overall an awesome podcasts!

Great Podcast

Awesome podcast with great guests. Highly recommended.

The Best!

This podcast is amazing. It has helped me get through the stress of the pandemic! I’d give 100 stars if I could.

Great podcast!

I can’t express how much I love this podcast! I found myself listening to the episodes of the artists and songs I knew, and once I was done, went back and listened to every one! Chris does a great job getting the story and background and setting the scene of when and how these songs were made. I’m a 36 year old mom who can escape by popping in my headphones and listening to artists/songs I grew up listening to. Oh the sweet nostalgia 😍.

An excellent podcast with excellent guests

This podcast dives into song writing and breakdown why a song was composed a certain way. The host Chris Demakes from the band Less Than Jake invites the artists or producers on to discuss the songs and goes into great detail not only discussing the song but seems to always get stellar stories from the artists as well. Highly recommend this podcast.

Wonderful insight

Hello. I’m writing this review from what used to be the NRM in what used to be Century III Mall. This podcast is my only contact with the outside world, as I can’t figure a way out of here. This show is truly wonderful insight into the creative process of songwriting and a great launching point for great stories from amazing musicians. I like the parts at the end when the guy with the slightly yinzer accent chimes in and mentions things like club laga. 412 for life. Love the show Chris!

Your humbled host!

Hey gang, this is Chris DeMakes. Thanks to everybody for the kind words and for tuning in. This experience has exceeded my wildest dreams. I’m stoked that you are enjoying the episodes as much as I am enjoying talking to all the guests. Keep tuning in and I’ll continue to do my best to deliver. Cheers!

Just the best! Quality podcast.

Whether you’re a fan of music, song writing, or just love great story telling, this podcast is for you. Chris Demakes a Podcast gives behind the scenes details of where an artist/band were during their lives and careers when they wrote one of their songs and how those songs came together. Many of the past artists have share very personal/intimate stories of events in their lives that had impacted and shape their music. You can’t help but feel connected to the artists after each show. What a great Podcast. Keep up the great work!

Best podcast there is

Every Monday I look so forward to my drive home from work now because I have this podcast to listen to. Chris is an incredible interviewer and has a very calming tone of voice which is perfect for his role. The Bill Stevenson episode was one of the best/ most heart wrenching episodes of any podcast I have listened to. The Howard Benson episode was fascinating to mew. And, finally, Mark Hoppus was awesome and gave some never shared before insights due to Chris’s great questions. For someone like Mark, who has probably given a million interviews to share never heard before tidbits is pretty amazing. Each episode has been fantastic and I hope that this podcast continues for a long long time to come.

My favorite podcast

Every episode seems to get better and better! Fantastic and compelling insight, great guests, excellent format. Can’t say enough great things about this podcast!

Trip Down Memory Lane

Chris’s podcast has seriously upgraded my Monday mornings. I continue to be impressed by the interviews and depth of musical knowledge, and I love the one song format. The stories and memories are exceptional. I am immediately transported back to the mosh pits and back seat jam sessions of my HS and college years.

Fantastic podcast

My only problem with it is that he’s only covered three or four songs I really care about. It would be nice to hear about other songs that I prefer but the podcast is so good that it almost doesn’t matter. Almost.

Best podcast!!

I look forward to every episode. Some of his guests I don’t know. So after each episode I love listening to every song. I definitely found some new songs that I absolutely love like Steve’s Boy. Chris and Chris you guys are awesome! Monday’s are the best!

A Breath of Fresh Air (for your ears)

I love listening to this podcast every week. Chris' interview style is fantastic. He always seems to ask the question that I'm thinking, which is my favorite thing that could happen in an interview. He makes the guests feel very comfortable, so you're always getting a little more than you'd get in a typical interview. With the team of DeMakes and Fafalios, you know this podcast is going to evolve into something special as time moves on. Keep up the great work!

My favorite music podcast

As a huge fan of Less Than Jake I was so excited to check this podcast out. As a huge music fan hearing deep details, shop talk and insights into the songwriting process entertaining, interesting and educational. The guest line up is amazing. I would recommend this show to anyone remotely interested in music, or creativity

Must listen for music fans

Listening to the Chris DeMakes podcast has become my routine to start the week every Monday since hearing the first episode. As a musician, it is fascinating to hear some of my favorite artists discuss their unique process and approach to songwriting. I have learned new tactics and tricks from various episodes that I have applied to my own band’s recent writing and recording; Chris was also nice enough to feature us on the “Band You Might Not Know” segment. 10 out of 5 stars.

Very Entertaining

I very much enjoy this podcast are used to listen to a lot of movie podcasts and recently I found myself listening to more music oriented podcast. The history that Chris has with so many bands which lends himself to so many people to reach out to for stories is fantastic. The theme song is catchy as hell it is an earworm so much but I love it and I generally sing it for at least a day after I listen to the podcast. The only problem with it that I found it might just be me being a grumpy Gus is that Chris is teaser for the episode is too in-depth. Absolutely love the show though and hope it stays up after quarantine


Been listening to LTJ since my first time seeing them on Warped 97 in Asbury Park! They’ve been my favorite band since. These podcasts are great and love the guests CD interviews. Some of my fav bands NFG, RBF, Descendents, Alkaline and Dag Nasty. Hope you can get Trevor K, Buddy N and Aaron G. on the podcast at some point. Keep up the good work! Need LTJ to play my 50th! Orangehaze 74

Loving this podcast!

I started listening to ‘Chris DeMakes a podcast’ because I’ve been a Less Than Jake fan for basically half my life. I started just listening to the episodes with musicians I was already familiar with but stuck around to listen to the others too. I’ve been introduced to some really great music, I don’t have to say “I only listen to the stuff I listened to 20 years ago” any more. Also, I love hearing the stories shared by the artist. I love the human element (especially in our current, more isolated state) & being exposed to another, more private or personal side of people you wouldn’t ordinarily get to connect with. Great job! Can’t wait for next weeks episode.

5 stars

I'm such a fan of this show, I've just binged on all 15 (as of this date) episodes in 48 hours. I initially was going to skip past the newer bands who I couldn't care less about, but I found myself riveted - hanging on every word! Good job, Chris. 5 stars.

Rock Star Humility

I’m sure the 150 5-star ratings should tell you enough, but this is truly an amazing podcast. For one, it has the catchiest theme song that’ll be stuck in your head all day, but also, there’s real heart and thought that goes into every interview. You can tell the host Chris Demakes and his producer Chris Fafalios put a lot of effort into getting relevant guests and asking intriguing questions. Less Than Jake is my favorite band so naturally I was stoked for this podcast, but if you’re a fan of punk rock, ska, or the music industry in general, this is some great insight and real human stories behind the music we all love.

Great chats with some of the best musicians!

Less Than Jake has always been one of my favorite bands, so I’m not shocked that Chris DeMakes did not fail to bring another great product into this world! I work in music but am far from a songwriter but these chats are done so amazing and are so informative and entertaining! Love this podcast! Keep it going. 🤙

My punk rock hero interviews my other heroes

I wasn’t into punk or ska until I was a college freshman. LTJ has been by favorite band since the night I saw them at club Laga in Pittsburgh 1998. I’m 40, right around the age of all these guys. So all these stories from Chris and his guests are all from the best part of my life. I’m also a historian. So I love all these stories. Chris Demakes is a great and gracious interviewer. LOVE THIS PODCAST


I came for the Cyrus Bolooki interview. I’ll be staying for everything else. Chris is every bit as personable here as onstage. Unsurprisingly.

Great Insight

Chris D. brings the people behind some of your favorite songs on to explain how they came about. You’ll get to met the people behind the music, the lyrics, and even the production of the songs you’ve been singing for years. What was the inspiration behind the song? Where in their lives were they when they wrote it? How did it change their career? You’ll learn that sometimes the story behind the song is sometimes more interesting than the final product. Do yourself a favor and give this podcast a chance—you won’t regret it.


Chris is a wonderful host with lots of insight in the craft of songwriting. I really enjoy the direction each interview takes with the guests. Even on songs I wasn’t “that into” before I listened to the episodes, I enjoyed the stories of how each song was built. Look forward to the episodes each week. Highly recommended.

King of Segues

Let me start this puppy off with the fact that Chris and Chris are the golldarn best and that I sincerely adore this podcast! Obsessively refreshing my pods to see when the latest episode drops is my new Sunday evening routine. Its like experiencing a weekly Christmas, and I’m always so excited to see who they’ll talk to. Never fails to get me jazzed and offer fresh new perspectives on classic jams. Chris DeMakes is the most personable host and allows the guests to shine, making for some real awesome insight and fun facts galore. Finally.... lest we bow our heads and lay down our stringed arms to the King of Segues, Lord Chris Fafalios. The man knows precisely how to weave the theme of the episode into a promotion. Mad respect. Love you dudes!

If you love music and behind the scenes stuff

I have been a long time fan of Less Than Jake so when I heard Chris would be doing a podcast that did deep dives into all sorts of different songs, I was thrilled. Each week I can't wait to hear who will be a weekly guest.

Great flow

This podcast captures the story we want to know. What was it like when you first heard your song on the radio. The writing process and what the song means and the stories behind the songs. Great podcast .... LTJ still cranking it out.

The podcast of my dreams

My entire life I’ve loved ska and punk music. For over 20 years it’s the only music that I’ve truly loved and felt a connection to. And Less Than Jake is easily among my favorite bands of all times. One of their two frontmen, Chris DeMakes, is enormously talented and absolutely hilarious as a performer and is someone I’ve looked up to my entire adult life. Chris hosting a podcast is everything I could have ever asked for. Being into the music I’m into, you aren’t going to find a lot of in depth interviews with the artists in this scene, especially not ones done professionally and with care and passion. Chris DeMakes is giving a voice to the legends of ska and punk music with his podcast, asking all the right questions to and having some absolutely wonderful conversations with people I’d otherwise only get to read a brief interview with. Here we get to listen as Chris and his guest break down one song from the artist’s catalog and dive deep into its writing, production, impact, and legacy. And the conversations often veer far away from that one song and talk about life as a musician in general, leading to some astounding insight into the world of a recording artist, a touring artist, and just a human being looking to leave their mark. On stage, Chris’s persona is that of a crass goofball who makes lewd jokes and messes with fans, staff, and his own bandmates for a laugh. I’ve always loved watching Chris do his thing between songs because there’s clearly a brilliant mind there. As a podcast host, you get to see the man off stage - he’s a compassionate, caring, and truly kind man who loves music, the songwriting process, and is genuinely interested and curious about what his guests have to say. He’s an incredible host who gets some really great conversations out of his guests. Chris plans on branching out past ska and punk eventually, and bringing people from other parts of the music world to diversify the show and its audience. Even not listening to much else outside this world, I’m confident Chris will be able to make any artist’s journey a riveting listen. I cannot wait to see what the future for this show holds, and I’m excited to be here for the journey from day one.

Best punk podcast

I’ve been looking for a punk podcast for a long time. Some of the ones I’ve tried either aren’t well recorded or the interviews fall flat. Chris DeMakes a Podcast fills that void. The interviews flow well and give new life to some of my favorite songs and some new ones! I love actually hearing the verses as they’re discussed. Hope Chris could get Soupy from the Wonder Years, Kris Roe, Matt Skiba, Mike Herrera, and maybe even some writers from defunct bands soon. Another suggestion would be just a FAQ episode to discuss industry terms that the average listener might not understand.

Wow!!! Color me impressed

In an age where band dudes are almost polluting the podcast airwaves Chris stands a man amongst boys! You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a singer of a band hosting a podcast. From a music lover, especially that of punk, ska, pop punk, ‘emo’ and so on I find myself at least giving a lot of my favorite bands podcast a quick spin. Most of the time I’m underwhelmed at best. Sometimes I’ll luck out and they’ll have a very interesting guest on but it usually just feels like two guys chatting. Chris Demakes podcast on the other hand is unbelievable! I’ve listened to every episode too to bottom! This guy is a fantastic host, ever so engaging and really connects with his guest and the audience the entire time! The production is fantastic and a big commendation goes to Chris Fafalious as well for his great work here! Again 5 stars!!! Great job guys!

Great insight into the bands I love

This has quickly become one of my favorite listens! While they get into the weeds of the song writing process, Chris makes sure to highlight the personal and historical context of the songs and how they were received at the time. This keeps it interesting for those who aren’t as into the nitty gritty of the song writing process. I’m a huge tech nerd as well, so found the episode with Howard Benson on Pro Tools super interesting!

Ruby Soho

Dying to know ruby soho. The first song I ever heard from rancid and the first video I saw of rancid on MTV in 95/96. I was 12. What does it all mean!!!!!

My first podcast!

I don’t know why, but I had never listened to a podcast until this one. I’ve been a fan of Less Than Jake for probably 20 years now, and have seen them live probably 20 times. So, I didn’t hesitate to give this a listen and it has not disappointed! Not only am I learning about songs by other artists I enjoy, I’m also learning about bands who are new to me (for example, I’d never listened to Bayside or Punchline until hearing about them here). Chris and all his guests have been informative, honest, and entertaining, and I truly look forward to each new episode. Way to go, Chris DeMakes and Chris Fafalios!

Great musical podcast

Checked the podcast out intilially just because I was a fan of the band Chris plays in, and walked away with a greater respect for not only the music he is involved with, but that of the artists he interviews on the podcast. They go into incredible detail into what went in to the songs, the inspirations, the stories behind the lyrics, and what goes in to the structures of the song. As a musician and a fan, this is a great podcast to check out.

Great podcast

I stopped listening to podcast many years ago…and now I’m back. Chris has a natural ability for allowing the guests to talk while simultaneously keeping the conversation on track. The topics are great, the guests are great, the host is great. I’m hooked — check it out it is awesome!

Probably my favorite podcast

I look forward to this podcast on my hour drive to work each week. Love the guests, love the energy, and Chris is an awesome host. He actually lets the guests speak and tried to make the show about them and not himself even though I love hearing his thoughts and stories as well. Great stuff guys! I better see this show for years to come.

Great Podcast

I love learning about how songs are written and more importantly why they were written just as much as I enjoy listening to them. This is a great podcast talking about just that. Even if you are unfamiliar or not a fan of the song being discussed I personally think it is very interesting to learn the How and Why from the songwriter’s point of view. Keep it going!


Such an amazing podcast. Even if you don’t know the artist he interviews Chris Demakes does an amazing job of keeping engaged. So thankful he started a podcast.

Soooo good!

I love it! Bill Stevenson’s episode was so good. I was balling the entire time. Subscribed.

Great listen

I don’t listen to podcast very often, but I’m a huge fan since the mid 90s, and ya got me hooked. Really enjoy the episode with Rog, and really looking forward to the Bill episode.

The podcast we’ve been waiting for!

Chris is just a pure entertainer, and it shows in this podcast. The energy he has for talking about the material at hand makes for really good conversation and I’m just mad that he waited this long to do it! Keep it going dude.


Chris is meant for this stuff, man. He’s sincere, captivating, funny, and full of great stories.

Chris DeMakes A Podcat

SO GOOD!!!!! CHRIS is great! He has it! If you’re a person that loves the details of songs and the stories behind them … THIS IS IT!!!

Rad Podcast- Highly Recommend!!

This is a reallySpectacular podcast, I absolutely love the format. As an avid music lover, especially of punk and ska, it is really rad to be able to hear about the meaning behind these songs right from the “horses mouths.” And as a 20+ year fan of Less Than Jake, it is an extra special treat to get to spend this intimate, quality time with Chris getting to know him On an even deeper level. Can’t say enough good things about this podcast!

Reviews are Overrated

I like Chris and love LTJ. This podcast has (so far) been pretty awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I decided to leave this review!

Awesome podcast

This show is awesome. Been a big fan of Chris/LTJ for a long time and he has such a great ear for music and asking his guests good questions about the song writing process. Can’t wait to listen every week! Also the producer of this show is a rad dude and the audio quality is perfect.

Great insight into song writing

Chris has produced some amazing songs in his own right with LTJ. Great to hear him talk to others about the process and stories that go along with great songs.

A must-listen for musicians and music fans alike.

Whether you write music yourself or are a fan of music we all wonder the stories behind the songs. Chris brings this story to life and is an absolutely great interviewer, combining humor and knowledge in a way that makes you hang on ever word of the interviews. I cannot wait for the new episodes to download every week. This podcast is an absolute must-listen for any musician any music fan!!’


I never rate/reviews podcasts, but I like this one so much I decided to do it. Just listen to the show, you won’t regret it.

Must listen

If you’re a fan of LTJ, or music in general, this is a must listen. Chris is a great host, lets his guests breathe and never steps on them, and touches on the exact topics you’d want him to with each guest. Can’t recommend this enough, give it a subscription.

One of the best podcasts out there!

Chris Demakes is a natural, has amazing guests, and the concept of having artists discussing one of their songs makes for a highly entertaining and informative podcast.

Great podcast

I love that more and more Of my favorite musicians are creating podcasts. This one doesn’t disappoint. Chris is very insightful. His observations make for great questions. To be honest he sounds like a fan. Which is perfect for a fan like me. As a guy who studies songs from bands like Less than Jake it’s great to hear Chris has the same level of interest. He ask questions that more in depth fans would ask but, he’s entertaining and a great interviewer where new fans would be just as entertained. Great podcast.

Fun behind the scenes stories

Really enjoyed the first episode and excited for more. Chris really had a great conversation with John Feldman about Goldfinger and Here In Your Bedroom. Been a fan of them since the first Goldfinger record and listening to the stories behind the song was great. I also didn’t realize he produced so many great records as well. Chris’ conversational interview style was great. I’ve heard him as a guest on other podcasts before and could tell between those podcasts and this one that if he’s really into the subject the conversation is really great. I’m excited to hear future episodes.