Nov. 20, 2022

Ron DeChant [Pt. 2]: Refining the Starset Trajectory

Ron DeChant [Pt. 2]: Refining the Starset Trajectory

Ron DeChant (Starset) joins Benny, Siobhán, and Cory once again to discuss the incredible band Rammstein and their massive tour production, the early days of Starset and the drive that Dustin and the band had to make Starset a reality, and the current world of music marketing and where people are finding music these days. We dive more into Starset's latest tour and how much of this tour was really made DIY by the members themselves, as well as the implications for the future of music by bypassing big companies like Live Nation and Ticketmaster. All this and more tune in right now and prepare to be 2020-d.

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00:00 - Intro

03:00 - I Bet Rammstein's Singer and Dustin Would be Kindred Spirits

09:00 - In Starset's Early Days we Were Pushing Everything To The Absolute Limit

15:03 - Time Has Helped Starset

22:00 - Listening to the Competition

33:39 - Dustin Was Doing Anything to Get People to Hear His Music

44:50 - I Would Love to Disrupt The Ticketmaster Machine

51:00 - We've Built this Tour On Our Own

53:30 - There are no Boring People in Starset

57:00 - Outro

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