Jan. 22, 2023

Richard Shaw [Pt. 2]: Writing for Cradle of Filth Felt Like a Job

Richard Shaw [Pt. 2]: Writing for Cradle of Filth Felt Like a Job

Benny, Siobhán, and Cory join Richard Shaw once again to discuss the differences between writing for Cradle Of Filth and writing songs now, the magic of layering and how to make your guitars and vocals sound HUGE, as well as Richard Shaw's exciting new project with LickLibrary as he gears up to teach us some of the most insane guitar solos of the 90s. All this and more tune in with us and get ready to be 2020d!

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00:00 - Intro

01:00 - Richard Shaw Was The Original

07:00 - Writing For Cradle Of Filth Felt Like a Job

9:30 - The Magic Of Layering

18:00 - I've Only Played One Gig In My Entire Life With a Full Amp Stack... And it Sucked

23:30 - LickLibrary

30:00 - Nuno Complimented Richard's Guitar Solo

37:00 - The Moment Ozzy Stops... I Reckon That's It

38:00 - Outro

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