Jan. 4, 2021

Richard Shaw: I Went Against What My Teachers Told Me

Richard Shaw: I Went Against What My Teachers Told Me

Ep. 28

Cradle of Filth guitarist, Richard Shaw, is back again with Benny, Siobhán and Cory to talk about how being left off an email affected one of his very first experiences with CoF, how JUST being a guitarist isn’t enough anymore, more tips and tricks to improve as a player and musician and more. We also get to announce a surprise collaboration with Richard and some of his (and the 2020’d crew’s) biggest guitar heroes on an upcoming Lost Symphony release.

Richard is the guitarist for the Grammy nominated band, Cradle of Filth. He is also an educator, lecturer and private lesson teacher who lectures at some of the UK’s top music schools including Academy of Contemporary Music in Birmingham.





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