Nov. 2, 2020

Jason Lekberg: Get the F*ck Off the Stage!

Jason Lekberg: Get the F*ck Off the Stage!

Ep 10

Jason Lekberg

Marketing guru, Jason Lekberg, joins Benny, Siobhán and Cory to discuss his path from painting houses in the Midwest, to working with some of the biggest bands in rock and metal. This episode is bursting with invaluable tips on marketing yourself, your band or your business, so you definitely don’t want to miss it!

Jason Lekberg is a marketing executive and entrepreneur with over a decade of innovation in bleeding-edge tech and direct to consumer initiatives. He is the founder of Lekberg Enterprises, whose client list includes Steel Panther, Static-X, Lamb of God, Alter Bridge, Judas Priest and many more.

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Instagram: @lekmyballzberg


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Benny Goodman - Instagram: @thebennygoodman / @the_neurotic_guitarist

Siobhán Cronin - Instagram: @siobhan_violin

Cory Paza - Instagram: @corypaza


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