Dec. 3, 2020

Ernie Boch Jr: It Was More Difficult to Meet Ringo Starr Than the Last Few Presidents

Ernie Boch Jr: It Was More Difficult to Meet Ringo Starr Than the Last Few Presidents

Ep. 19

Automotive executive, philanthropist, musician and local Boston celebrity, Ernie Boch Jr, is back with Benny, Siobhán and Cory to talk about his experiences with some of rock and roll’s biggest stars, his highly curated car collection and the thread that seems to tie most highly successful people together.

Ernie Boch Jr. is the CEO, president, and spokesman of Boch Enterprises, a $1 billion business consisting primarily of automobile dealerships in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Boch founded in 2005 "Music Drives Us", a regional project supporting music in New England Its three focuses are music preservation, music education, and music awareness. It places instruments in and pays for music programs in about 200 public schools in Boston and around New England. “I’ve funded Boston public schools that had music programs without instruments, music programs literally in basements next to the water heater,” he said in 2017. Music “should be...standard stuff in schools, just like math.”

In 2005, Boch joined Berklee's board of trustees. He has since led several major fundraising campaigns for Berklee.

On the invitation of National Geographic, Boch filmed a reality show in which he provided infrastructure and other resources for an impoverished Ugandan village.[5]

In 2016 he agreed to underwrite the organization that runs the Shubert and Wang theaters in Boston, which are now collectively known as the Boch Center.

Instagram/Twitter: @erniebochjr


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