Jan. 29, 2023

David Abbruzzese [Pt. 1]: I Would Play with Pearl Jam Again for Free

David Abbruzzese [Pt. 1]: I Would Play with Pearl Jam Again for Free

Benny, Siobhán, and Cory catch up with David Abbruzzese ( Ex-Pearl Jam / I. M. F) to hear about his latest projects honoring the legendary Jeff Beck, his funniest memories including the time he knocked over Stevie Wonder and ran into Gene Simmons all within the same 5 minutes, and a dive back into his past talking on his history with Pearl Jam and Yoko Ono. All this and more tune in and get ready to be 2020d.

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Referenced Clips:

Chuck Berry, John Lennon & Yoko Ono - https://youtu.be/ZbGuxGGOIV0?t=110

Yngwie Malmsteen doesn't eat Donuts. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFMyNQKUH9U

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00:00 - Intro

04:30 - New Music

07:00 - The Time David Knocked Over Stevie Wonder, and Gene Simmons Fucked Up His Friends Shirt

09:40 - Accidentally Telling The President of Pro Tools Why Pro Tools Will Ruin Music

12:40 - David Loves Yoko Ono

17:00 - Hanging with Sean Lennon

26:30 - David Loves The Neurotic Guitarist

34:15 - I Would Play With Pearl Jam Again For Free

39:40 - David Used to Sneak Into Pantera Shows When They Were Playing Covers

48:40 - Meeting Shannon Larkin

52:00 - Becoming a Full Member of Pearl Jam

59:00 - The Competition With Eddie Vedder

1:00:00 - Outro

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