Oct. 19, 2020

Cara Maria Sorbello: I Sold My Soul to MTV

Cara Maria Sorbello: I Sold My Soul to MTV

Ep 6

Featured Guest: Cara Maria Sorbello

Cara Maria Sorbello joins Benny, Siobhán and Cory and talks about how she got her start with MTV, how she has evolved throughout her many years competing on “The Challenge”, and opens up about the challenges of keeping your personal and public life separate. She also reminisces with Benny about their shared experience working in Boston clubs and how Benny taught her to DJ.

Cara Maria is an MTV reality star who gradually rose to fame competing on The Challenge, making her debut in Fresh Meat II. She made regular appearances in subsequent seasons, including Battle of the Exes, Rivals, and Bloodlines. She won The Challenge: Vendettas season 31. She is also an artist, photographer, animal lover and avid horseback rider.

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